What's 6F?

6F or #FFFFFF is the hex code color converter for the color white. We thought it only fitting that we started any project with a blank slate, an empty space, a ‘white’ board devoid of preconceptions or expectations of how we would offer solutions - NOT ‘WITHOUT’ IDEAS mind you - just not ideas shaded that might cloud the creative solution.

So we named our venture Studio 6F - a white space for artistic solutions, giving people aesthetic experiences they can live with every day.

Why 6F?

  • Unrivaled access to inspiring, relevant and unique collections from around the globe
  • Creative artwork solutions for any space, aesthetic, and budget
  • Network of trusted resources
  • Cross-pollinated art aficionados, entrepreneurs, creatives and business experiences

Gilbert Melott

Gil Melott is a creative. He has served in C-Level executive roles in private and public companies. He's worked as an art director for a global advertising agency and as advisor for key product development and ideation companies. He has also started three creative lifestyle companies filtered through the lens of art, music and fashion.

He is a self-described “schizophrenic specialist and social anthropologist.” With Studio 6F he wanted to create a business that allows him to be part connoisseur, with the eye of a decorator, analytical skills of a CPA, the logistical skills of a general, the grit of an entrepreneur and most likely the diplomatic finesse of a Presbyterian minister. But ultimately he has the frenetic mind of a rapper and soul of a painter. He just might like what he does.