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Act of Guilt 'Stitches of Guilt 01' Resin Coated Leather Vase

Act of Guilt 'Stitches of Guilt 01' Resin Coated Leather Vase


Hardened stitched and hand-molded leather vase, hand painted and resin sealed.

Erik Adrian Santiago, a leatherworker based in LA, and Jake Blake, a painter working out of NYC, have combined their efforts to create a line of bespoke homewares reflective of their individual refined design perspectives. This collaboration hinges on deliberate action and serves as the key to ACT OF GUILT.

With New England origins, both artists drew inspiration from their hometowns’ long-standing hardcore - punk scenes, which is reflected directly in the collection’s primal energy. By fusing decisively brutal influences with stripped down silhouettes, the resulting objets are purely captivating. Rugged animal hides are given new life by being worked, washed, boiled, hand-stitched, and hand-molded into delicate, raw vessels. Each piece is hand-painted with the utmost care and attention and then sealed over to capture its beauty indefinitely.

5.5” L x 5” D x 8” H

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