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Bronze Fishbone Sculpture by Steven Haulenbeek

Bronze Fishbone Sculpture by Steven Haulenbeek


Cast Bronze sculpture from Steven Haulenbeek’s Fishbone collection.

Also available as a custom, please inquire via email.

The Fishbone Sculptures were created as small scale pieces that explored the lost wax casting process and particularly the capability of cast bronze to create a thin delicate object as opposed to a visually heavy one. The objects are hung from the curved center portion allowing the majority of the sculpture to “float” away from the wall and be visually weightless.

Each sculpture is created individually at full scale in hand-sculpted wax. The parts are then cut into several manageable parts and cast individually. It was this stage of the process that the series received its name. The thin curved elements piled up and awaiting assembly resembles a pile of fish bones after being picked clean by an imaginary giant. The thin bones are then welded back in place finished with a facetted, visually raw texture. The sculptures can be imposing in space but at the same time, visually weightless like a cast bronze line drawing. They are mounted to the wall surface with just a few screws and anchors which are hidden behind custom bronze caps.

Steven Haulenbeek is an industrial designer and artist. In 2010 he founded his own independent design practice with interest in experimental, material, and process based objects for the home. Steven’s work passes by the typical design/build format and instead seeks to invent a production framework by which objects emerge more organically. His work is showcased in both high end residential and boutique commercial spaces - and can be found spanning the pages of publications such as the New York Times and Modern Luxury magazine.

79" W x 39” H x 6” D

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