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Doug Human 'Dry Palm' Photograph

Doug Human 'Dry Palm' Photograph


Doug Human, a Chicago based photographic artist and presents work from a series of images produced for Mike Hines author of the book, Uprooted. Blending a diffused color palette reminiscent of chiaroscuro, the hallmark of baroque style use of light and dark contrasts. Void of color adds romance to the decayed material and takes the work someplace dark and wonderful.

The essence was a creation of floral amborella and magnoliids (foundation of all blooms and plants) and bring to life the expiration of earth and growth. A study of light and shape as well as bold textures desaturated into the lifeless palette of black. With a touch of grit, indulgence, and sex appeal, the work has a classic seduction of black and white portraiture.

Human has produced editorials and advertising images for BBC, Rolls Royce magazine, wallpaper, New beauty, Monocole, Design bureau, Food and wine, Modern luxury, Financial times, Harrods London and Luxe.

H 60 in. x W 50 in. x D 1.5 in.

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