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Dubhe Carreño Espresso Bowl & Saucer

Dubhe Carreño Espresso Bowl & Saucer


Dubhe Carreño’s tableware is designed and handcrafted to offer perfectly simple forms inspired by a minimalist aesthetic and by the colors and textures found in nature. Forms are intentionally irregular highlighting the presence of the artist’s hand, which honors the clay’s voice as an active participant and collaborator in the process of creating each individual form.

The Venezuelan-born Carreño creates all of her pieces in the suburbs of Chicago. She has taught at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northeastern University. Up until 2012 she owned the Dubhe Carreño Gallery in Chicago with the primary goal of creating a platform dedicated to contemporary ceramics that illustrated the diversity of concepts being explored by many contemporary artists.

6.5”dia x 2.5”h

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