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Ebonized Turned Wood 'Beaded' Vessel no. 1

Ebonized Turned Wood 'Beaded' Vessel no. 1


An exclusive series of beautifully turned and ebonized cherry wood bowls from Scott Alexander, of Alexander Designs. The bowls are turned from green (unseasoned) timber to finished thickness. As they dry they take on an organic shape all their own, no two are ever exactly the same. They are sanded to perfection and receive a food safe oil and wax finish. An absolute pleasure to use and hold.

Scott Alexander is grateful to have grown up in Pennsylvania surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest, and believes in honoring the area by being as sustainable as possible. His materials are all sourced locally, urban trees; storm damaged trees as well as logs from local logging companies that practice sustainable forestry. None of the wood goes to waste. The sections that are not turned into forms become a heat source for his workshop in the winter months, and the shavings are used by local blueberry farms for fertilization, or as bedding for animal coops.

10.5” H x 7.5” D

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