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Matthew McCormick Halo C11 Chandelier

Matthew McCormick Halo C11 Chandelier

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Originally conceived as a graphical interpretation of effervescence, Halo is series of bold lamps inspired by the soft warm glow of their illuminaire. This modular system allows the pendants to be suspended in a multitude of compositions as a range of elegant hanging art pieces. Machine and hand finished, they are available brass, copper, nickel and 24 karat gold. This award-winning design from McCormick is an elegant, and edgy solution in any environment.

10' drop

C2 Standard features 11 x 8” circular bulbs.

C2 Mixed features 7 x 8” , 3 x 12”, and 1 x 16” circular bulbs.

‘Round’ fixtures feature a round canopy and configuration, while ‘Linear‘ fixtures feature a linear canopy and configuration.

Lead Time | 8 - 10 Weeks

For further customization or grouping options, please contact Studio 6F.

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