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Michael J. Dowling - Studies for 'Party Girl' & 'Brave Face Boy'

Michael J. Dowling - Studies for 'Party Girl' & 'Brave Face Boy'


Studies for 'Party Girl' & 'Brave Face Boy' by Michael J Dowling. Oil on paper. Framed.

This pair of paintings showcases the chiaroscuro human form - building on Dowling’s approach to historic realism - as he makes constant redaction to the image, allowing the erased marks to be replaced by the viewers imagination.

Michael Dowling was born in Denver in 1972 and grew up in Colorado. He began drawing at a very young age but didn’t begin to study formally until the age of 24. After several years of study in studio practices, Michael sold the business he owned and moved to Florence Italy to focus on making art and expanding his skill. He completed his studies at Il Instituto de Art, Scuola Lorenzo de Medici in 2002 with focuses in studio practice and contemporary theory. While in Florence, Michael studied under the duo Rosenclaire (Rose Shakinovski & Claire Gavronsky) who continue to be his mentors and advisors. In 2003, Michael moved back to his native Denver and married his childhood sweetheart. They now have three children and drink wine constantly.

Michael shows nationally and is represented in Colorado, Chicago, California, Miami, New York, and Montreal. His work is in numerous private and public collections throughout the US and Europe.

19” h x 12.5” w x 1” d

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