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Plano Bar Cabinet by New Format Studio

Plano Bar Cabinet by New Format Studio


A monument to curiosity and an invitation for the viewer to engage with the objects contained within. Its presence is created by the tension of delicate lightness contrasted with imposing size, and the interplay between light and shadow. Crafted by hand from the finest materials, it is a cabinet like no other – the marriage of the artist's idealistic impracticality to the possibilities of industrial process.

Shown in warm bronze frame, blackened steel, curved frosted glass, clear mirror and blue ink full grain waxed leather.

Overall dimensions: 19” D x 42” W x 91” T

Design configurable in different layouts and material options.

All new format pieces are handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

Leather: Shown in Blue Ink. Coal, Coffee, Cowboy Brown, Blue Ink and Veg Tan available.

Frame: Shown in warm Bronze, patinated Bronze legs and door handles, curved frosted Glass, blackened Steel shelving and stemware, other options available.

Lead time: 12 wks

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