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Set of 3 Sedimentary Bowls by Dubhe Carreño

Set of 3 Sedimentary Bowls by Dubhe Carreño


Part of Carreño's most recent collection, 'Sedimentary' celebrates the inherent tactile and aesthetic qualities of different clay bodies in combination with porcelain to create a palpable experience within a set of dinnerware offering an earthy collection of forms, textures and colors. The delicate set of bowls features a slight pinch along each rim, creating a subtle elegance and differentiation from the norm.

Priced for the set of 3.

“My process is led by clay itself and its natural ability to be altered and transformed by forces ranging from a delicate pinch to a blasting fire. My artistic practice is an extension of my personal growth. The meditative quality of working in the studio brings me closer to present-mindedness and to a place where intention materializes in front of my eyes. The name "This Quiet Dust" is a poem by Emily Dickinson which serves as a metaphor for the human condition; we are impermanent in our physical form, yet our true nature is transformative and everlasting. Likewise, "this" clay can be transformed from dust to become that which holds our sustenance." - Dubhe Carreño.

H 3 In. X Dm 6 In.

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