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Walnut with Hollow Handle Christian Nyberg Emberbowl

Walnut with Hollow Handle Christian Nyberg Emberbowl


Emberbowl - a handmade charred wood vessel from Christian Nyberg.

Starting with hardwood board - in this case walnut - Nyberg utilizes wood embers to burn a bowl-shaped indentation into the surface of the board. He carves it out and repeats the process, finally putting the whole bowl into the fire, letting the heat and flames dictate the final shape. In this piece specifically, a hollow formed, creating a natural handle for the vessel. After the bowl is burned (and sanded up to 600 grit) it is then washed, removing all remaining loose char. The black coloration that is left lies within the grain of the wood. The bowl is then oiled and waxed with products from Walrus Oil. As a final touch, Nyberg's has embellished the piece with his signature embedded brass discs.

This natural wax finish is dry food safe, perfect for uncooked grains or fruit display. If the bowl gets wet, wipe off as quickly as possible. Liquid on the bowl will bead up on the waxed surface, however if left for long periods of time, may raise the wax. This can easily be re-waxed and subsequently concealed. As brass naturally oxidizes with air exposure, detail elements may naturally patina over time. Brass feet and disks should occasionally be polished with a polishing cloth to retain their high-shine finish.

H 1.125 in. x W 13.125 in. x D 4 in.

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