Modern Luxury Interiors

Modern Luxury Interiors

'An exciting new design studio in Logan Square showcases bespoke furnishings and artwork in a modern setting... Think custom furnishings by Michael Dreeben, vibrant abstract artwork by Anne Abueva and imaginative lighting creations by Ted Harris - just a few of the more than a dozen creatives on Melott's roster. "People who have a very clear point of view and a story to tell are very interesting to me."' - Modern Luxury Interiors


Sourced | the sophisticated

"Bold colors, sharp lines and funk-tactic prints converge across summer's hottest fashion, art and interior design trends. Featuring Studio 6F artists Sylvia Schuster, page 66 and Anne Abueva, page 69." - Sophisticated Living

meet gil melott of studio 6f | best life

  V oyager Chicago

Voyager Chicago

'I’m a self-described 'schizophrenic specialist and social anthropologist.' With Studio 6F I wanted to create a business that allows me to be part connoisseur, with the eye of a decorator, analytical skills of a CPA, and the logistical skills of a general. And while a lot of those things come naturally or 'unnaturally,' my design and showroom business was really a result of one cathartic moment.' - Voyager Chicago


Ruxbin redesign

'The new design, by Gil Melott of Studio6F, will certainly be a radical departure, favoring clean lines, plush pillows and an interplay of different textures. Melott wanted to bring some sophistication to the space. "There's a sense of humility to the food," he says. In the end, he focused on this thought: "If chef was cooking the most important meal and proposing to his wife, where would that be?"

Everything about the design is different, from the absence of booths to how you enter the restaurant. "You currently walk right into the service station," says Melott. "Now you'll jog to the right and be greeted by a hostess." Walnut vertical slats line the right wall. Windows, which are currently covered up, will be exposed and lined with a gabion wall, an iron cage filled with stones. The back wall will be covered with a Japanese style of burnt wood called shou-sugi-ban'  - Chicago Tribune



"They say 'home is where the heart is,' but without some design know-how, home is more like 'a box that’s sort of comfortable if you know which part of the couch to sit on.' Enter Studio 6F, the new Chicago design company with a serious eye for beautifying interior spaces. Led by Chicagoan Gil Melott, Studio 6F offers exclusive access to the world’s most interesting art collections, as well as the creative wherewithal to execute your vision no matter space, style or budget." - Inside Hook