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Latest Project: Ruxbin Redesign


'The new design, by Gil Melott of Studio6F, will certainly be a radical departure, favoring clean lines, plush pillows and an interplay of different textures. Melott wanted to bring some sophistication to the space. "There's a sense of humility to the food," he says. In the end, he focused on this thought: "If chef was cooking the most important meal and proposing to his wife, where would that be?"
Everything about the design is different, from the absence of booths to how you enter the restaurant. "You currently walk right into the service station," says Melott. "Now you'll jog to the right and be greeted by a hostess." Walnut vertical slats line the right wall. Windows, which are currently covered up, will be exposed and lined with a gabion wall, an iron cage filled with stones. The back wall will be covered with a Japanese style of burnt wood called shou-sugi-ban'  - Chicago Tribune

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